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Top 5 Most Influential Celebrities in The Philippines of 2011 - 2012 0 Comments

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3/11/13 | Source From



 1. VICE GANDA - Through his comedy such as jokes and funny actions, he was able to influenced millions of filipinos. He is the first filipino celebrity to gross over 300 Million in Film Industry and first filipino celebrity to reach over 4 Million likes on facebook. He is one of the most followed celebrities in twitter with 2 Million followers!

2. ANNE CURTIS - Through her self-confidence and voice, she was able to influenced lots of filipinos around the globe. She is the first frustrated singer to have an album na naghit ng GOLD RECORD. She is the most followed celebrity in twitter with 4 Million Followers. People named her Record Breaker in Music Industry. According to her fans, Anne Curtis never failed to entertain them whenever she will be performing on stage!

3. SARAH GERONIMO - The Pop Princess of The Philippines. Naging #1 din siya noon sa MOST INFLUENTIAL CELEBRITY sa ibang mga blogger. Sarah Geronimo influences millions of filipinos around the globe. Her Movie is always a Box Office Hit, Her Albums is always a hit, and Her Concert is always Sold Out! Inside or Outside the country. Sarah's first album hits more than triple platinum. Her OWN variety show "Sarah G. Live" has become one of the most watched variety shows in the Philippines. Sarah Geronimo is a god fearing and has a powerful voice.

4. MELAI CANTIVEROS - The way she acts, the way she moves is very funny, that made people copy her. She is the first female celebrity to popularize "OVER, OVER" and "CHAR, CHAR". She was declared as "Big Winner" of the show "Pinoy Big Brother". She is currently attending the following show Banana Split, ASAP 18, and co-host of Kris T.V. Her movie "Pureza" hits Blockbuster. Her teleserye "Impostor" was aired in the other countries.

5. BOY ABUNDA - The King of Talk of ASIA. He influences millions of filipinos around the globe through his hosting in his entertainment show "The Buzz". He contributed lots of idea in Hosting Industry. His show "The Bottomline" was nominated in an international awarding.

(Ranking according to Teen's Choice TEEN WIDE!)

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